Get ready, because your Erasmus starts now!

During this week, you may witness the most amazing events ever! And what we prepared for you? Just take a look!

MONDAY (5. 2. 2018) - Welcome Day & City Game

On this day, we will introduce you Matej Bel University and Banská Bystrica. We will also tell you some interesting tips how to "survive" during your Erasmus here. Then we will go to the city centre to play City Game, where you'll be exploring Banská Bystrica.

TUESDAY (6. 2. 2018) - Welcome Party

Come to NJOY bar with us for an exlusive party that is held especially for Erasmus students. You can get many drinks there with the special discount of 20% with ESNCard. Let's have some fun!

WEDNESDAY (7. 2. 2018) - Bowling

A little bowling never killed nobody! We'll go to bowling arena to throw some balls, a perfect time to get to know many other Erasmus students. All in chill vibe with pizza and beer.

THURSDAY (8. 2. 2018) - Erasmus Games

Are you a sporty person? Then this event is just made for you! Come play volleyball, basketball and football with us. It's always important to keep up with healthy lifestyle.

FRIDAY (9. 2. 2019) - Dog Walk

Are you a dog lover? Join us and make some dogs happy! We'll go to Zvolen's dog shelter to walk some dogs so if you have time and feel like doing something good then this event is great for you!

SATURDAY (10. 2. 2018) - Mountain Trip

SUNDAY (11. 2. 2018) - Museum SNU

Do you even know what SNU stands for? Have you ever wanted to become a time traveler? Let's travel in time together and learn something about Slovak history in the Museum of SNU.

It'll be so much fun. We can't wait to meet you all!