From 7th till 13th November we and our Erasmus students were participating in few events in SocialErasmus project. “It's nice to see that there are still people who share love with other people.” This sentence is real purpose of free hugs and it was a great feeling when older lady told us so. We went to city centre and decided to make people's day better and brighter. Some of them, mostly adults, didn't want to hug with us but at least smiled at our home-made posters. On the other hand, older people and teenagers ran straight to us. So in one way or another, we achieved our goal. It was wonderful experience, our Erasmus students and people in city liked it and that's why we will try to make something like that again. Another part of SocialErasmus Week was a sign language lesson. A few of Erasmus students and ESN members were introduced to the matter of deaf people, how they deal with everyday situations and what are their challenges. This was supplemented by demonstration of sign language - basic courtesy phrases, numbers and spelling names. The fifth day of SocialErasmus Week began with a blood donation. We were determined to donate even after such long search for the right department in the hospital. After filling the questionnaires, actual blood donation followed. The nurses helped the first-time donors to relax. Everything went smoothly, and we felt proud for helping others in need. On Saturday, we went to town Šurany. Organization OZ Zatúlané labky (shelter for dogs and cats) needed help with cleaning area around the house after previous owners. We also invited ESN sections from Nitra. We were divided into groups, first one was on a walk with dogs and took care of them, another one took care of cats and the last one was helping with cleaning. However, weather wasn´t very good and we had to finish earlier, but Erasmus students were happy even in spite of rain and mud. Headmaster of OZ Zatúlané labky gave us a small present (homemade paw soap and sticker of organization) for our help. We are satisfied with our SocialErasmus Week because we and our students know that we helped.