What will you gain by being in ESN UMB BB?

  • Experience and practical skills in the area of managing an organization, experience with public relations, HR, leadership, fundraising, IT literacy, public speaking skills, defending your own ideas, team work or the organization of social events themselves
  • Participation at workshops and national as well as international conferences and platforms, where you will meet a mass of people with the same interests as you; participation at teambuilding activities of our section (common ESN dinners, paintball matches or weekends in mountains)
  • Contacts and friendships with people from all over the world
  • If you want to go on mobility, then an international spirit and environment that will make it easier for you to adapt once you are abroad
  • Improvement of your foreign language competence and the possibility of practicing it with natives
  • Second family – the feeling that you belong to somewhere and that anywhere in Europe, you will not find a network of volunteers, but a network of friends with the same aims as you
  • Most importantly, the knowledge that your volunteer work also contributes to changing the world and our community for better


Who are we looking for

A student of UMB (regardless of the faculty), who:

  • is independent, reliable, capable of working in a team and creative
  • Will have at least such foreign language comepetence in English or any other language to be able to communicate with the foreign student and explain them the basic things related to their stay in Slovakia 
  • An individual who likes fun and getting to know new people, cultures and languages, or, likes to improve their knowledge and skills
  • An individual who will help us organize events and will regularly attend meetings where we discuss the organization of those events


What we don´t expect nor require:

  • No fees – this is exclusively volunteer work
  • Extensive work experience
  • Being ready 24/7 (even though certain flexibility and availability are necessary)
  • Impeccable language skills