Usually, all foreign and Erasmus students are accommodated in the student dormitory ŠD 3.

There are single rooms and 3-beds rooms. One single room and one 3-beds room share a bathroom and a toilet. There is a bed, a wardrobe, a table, a chair, and a shelf for each student in the room.
You will get a pillow, a quilt, and bedding as well.

There is a kitchen on each floor, which you share with people living on the same floor, that is 16 people. You will find there a fridge with a little freezer, a table, chairs, a sink, a cupboard, and a cooker. There are no pots, plates, cups, or cutlery. Cleaning ladies are cleaning the rooms once a week and take trash and clean the kitchen every day except weekends and holidays.

Given that dormitory is part of the university, there are rules you have to observe. The most important are:

  1. Each accommodated student has right to:
    •      have all the equipment in the room
    •      regular changing of beddings
    •      have visits in accordance with rules
  2. Each accommodated student has obligation to:
    •      keep cleanliness in all used spaces
    •      keep night silence from 10PM to 6AM
    •      identify yourself by entering the dormitory using dormitory card
    •      protect property of dormitory
    •      register all electric appliances
  3. It is forbiden to:
    •     destroy property of dormitory
    •      smoke
    •      bring and use alcohol, drugs and weapons
    •      use unregistered electric appliances