First of all, you might ask, how will I get to Banská Bystrica?

Slovakia is a small country with 2 main airports in Bratislava and Košice. However, sometimes the prices are better to travel to Vienna or Budapest with direct flights. After that, take the bus to Bratislava. There are buses every 30 minutes from Vienna airport to Bratislava. The platform to take a bus is just in front of the airport. You can buy a ticket in advance on the Internet or just buy a ticket from the bus driver. There are various bus companies operating - Slovak lines, Flixbus, and Regiojet. From Bratislava take either train or bus directly to Banská Bystrica, which takes up to three hours.

This Survival Guide to Banská Bystrica is written for all international guests of the Matej Bel University and provides general information on different topics, applicable to everybody. It gives you a general outline of need-to-know and nice-to-know topics.

The second guide is a very useful publication called International student's guide to Slovakia . It brings you lots of information about Slovakia in general, higher education, and formalities connected to entering and staying in Slovakia and living there.