● Departure from BB by bus at 15:10
● Arrival in Liptovská osada around 16:00 (a car would be waiting for us to collect our suitcases)
● About 20 minutes walk to the facility
● Arrival 16:30-16:45 at the accommodation facility
● Dinner 17:30 (we would wait for everyone)
● Welcome party

● Breakfast at 8:30 (+ for an extra charge we will get packages for the trip) approx. 3 €/person
● Departure from the accommodation facility at 9:30 down to the settlement, we will take the bus below Vlkolínec and walk up 1.2 km. Entry is free
● Tour of Vlkolínec, followed by a hike to Malino Brdo directly from Vlkolínec (about an hour and a half hike)
● Break at Malino Brdo, then descent to Hrabovo, tour of the Hrabovo waterworks, then going to local Zip line attraction (€8/person)
● Subsequent return by bus to accommodation.

● Breakfast 8:30
● Visit to the water world Gothál (€14/person)
● Lunch 13:00
● Departure at 14:26 for the bus to BB.

04/11/2022 to 06/11/2022