If this exciting event could be described in one phrase , it would say : “ You have never had the taste of so many European countries on your tongue yet.”

Tuesday afternoon started for all Erasmus students from different countries in a special way. They were presenting their culture, habits and mainly their typical dishes in the city hall of Banská Bystrica. The presenting countries were Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Romania, Russia, Spain, Italy, Ukraine and certainly Slovakia. It was different this semester because it was held in the city hall (not the canteen like semesters before) in a more formal way with many special guests.

The event started with the presenters´ entries who were Miroslava Bohatová and Saša Stamenić. They were wearing the Slovak folk costumes so it all has a traditional effect. The next spot was a traditional folk dance by Mladosť which is a folk group of Banská Bystrica. They brought rhythm to the hall and made the guests moving on their chairs.

All of the presenting countries had their own tables prepared for serving their typical dishes. The richest prepared table was Spanish because we have numerous Spanish Erasmus students so they prepared many dishes like tortillas, Spanish omelette, toasts with spread and olives and so on. Slovak dishes were very typical, for example the bacon, all Slovak types of cheese, Horalky and Mila biscuits, Vinea, bread and apple pie, etc. We enjoyed also the German potato salad, French bread and chocolate, Latvian pancakes and sweets, Lithuanian sweet desserts, Italian mozzarella, Bulgarian shopska salad and other delicious dishes which were almost eaten already during the presentation. You know, when the hall is very small and smells of good food, you can´t resist tasting.

The presentations were interesting and it includes all main habits and stereotypes of particular countries. The guests were also included in presentations because Erasmus students from Latvia and Azerbaijan taught them traditional dances, Italian students made a quiz about their country in the millionaire game way. The funny thing was that when Italians made a question about “what can you imagine about Italia? “, everybody said: Mafia. Of course it was a joke. French students made their presentations in a proud way because they were singing the French National Anthem and Spanish students joined them. There you can see how our Erasmus students have completely good relations.

And then came the long expecting part of the International village: the tasting of prepared food. Everybody enjoyed it and left the city hall with a full stomach. Erasmus students were well-contented that Slovak guests liked their meal.

Our ESN organization appreciates their willingness to show others their culture and proudness of the country and we hope they enjoyed it as well!

After the ceremony the whole ESN with Erasmus students went to Njoy bar where the International Erasmus Party was held for them.

Dušana Hamráková