Welcome week of the summer term 2016 started on Monday, 8.2.2016 at the auditorium of Faculty of political sciences and international relationships. All ESN-ers were looking forward to meet new erasmus students for the first time, to make new friendship again. That´s what it is about. We told erasmus students all necessary information on Monday, it is always kind of guide how to enjoy their stay in Slovakia in the best way etc. After this official meeting we started Beer marathon connected with City games. It was funny way how to show them and tell them a bit about Banská Bystrica. On Tuesday, we continued in Njoy, where we had welcome “incognito” party. On Wednesday, there was Haluškovica. Unfortunately the interest about this event was lower than other years, but at least we cook “halušky“ and enjoy eating them altogether. Moving to Thursday, which was the best day of whole welcome week. We started with bowling and continued with Karaoke, which is very popular event among the erasmus students in general. After initial shyness there was nobody left who wouldn´t sing. They rocked the house down with their voices and they are looking forward to the next one. Friday is connected with party in Ministry of fun. Of course, parties are always the most favourite events. We continued with SocialErasmus activity, dogwalking, on Saturday. We were nice surprised how many people contributed on the collection for dogs. We are very thankful. Finally, we ended our welcome week with Valentine Pub Quiz, where we showed our competitiveness and we learned something new. Welcome week is always that beautiful beginning of each term. We are curious what this term brings. Hopefully we will get many, many wonderful memories and brand new friends.