In 2007 Justin Timberlake cited an old proverb in his song: “What comes around goes around” and it was the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking how to start the old ordinary article about the Welcome Week (later on just WW).

Whether you are asking yourselves why I chose this particular song, or you aren’t, I will explain anyhow. I believe the Section Board had to work really hard to merit such an awesome Erasmus group this semester.

The mixture of “old” and “new” international students is just about right and we are very excited about it! They are active, cheerful and open to any new events and this is why we are so thankful for them. It’s an awesome feeling when you volunteer and sacrifice your time and the people appreciate it.

The WW started as usually with the Welcome Day at the University and the City Game later on. Five teams competed against each other in different tasks and the winners were the PC Team...which mean Polish + Czech Team. Congratulations!

Tuesday night fever turned out surprisingly amazing! Not because of the organization or anything similar (that’s needless to say) but because most of the Erasmus really did show up at 21:00 for the Welcome party (say whaaaat?!) ! The party was held in N-joy with free welcome drink and music chosen by the students.

As for the Wednesday activity, it was more than fun, it was social fun! Wednesday was, indeed, dedicated to a soon-to-be SocialErasmus project - Dog shelter in Šurany. In honor of this future project, every section of ESN Slovakia had to dedicate one day of their WW and visit the nearest Dog Shelter. Our trip was enriching and entertaining. Approximately 20 of us visited the Dog Shelter in Zvolen and it was so pleasing, we already decided on another day to come back and have fun with the abandoned doggies.

Thursday Karaoke….does this even need a description? Hashtags: #singers, #WaitingInLineToSing, #iBetIamBetter,GiveMeTheMike #memories, #ApparentlyMyRoom-mateIsaHorribleSinger,... :) No, but really, for the half-deaf, toooons of fun. For us, toooons of fun with permanent damage :P Just kidding.

Friday dedicated to Spiderman…hm...wannabe Spidermen on the climbing walls actually. Vertical climbing, horizontal climbing, net climbing, tower building, you say it. The only thing missing was a spider web shooting from the people's wrists...just saying :D.

And the Section Board said: “Let there be Haluškovica on the last day of the week.” And it was so. And there were ESN-ers and contestants and spectators and there was one judge. The prepared halušky were given to Mr. Vrátnik (doorkeeper) and he announced the French team as winners, the Russian team as the fastest and the Italian team as the fastest eaters.

Well, brothers and sisters, this is pretty much it about the WW. For everybody who wasn’t a part of it, we have just one message: Be jealous, be very jealous! We have a beautiful semester ahead of us and this was a perfect start to it!